Sunday, April 7, 2013

Jacob John Owens

Jacob John Owens
Jacob is my well... I dont know. We are more than best friends... Its a complicated relationship... Hes 30,000,000 Miles away from me. I wish he was right here next to me.. Then he wouldn't have to do the pills. He wouldn't cut, I wouldn't cut. We would be in a close relationship. I wish I could actually call him mine and he wouldnt date any other girls... But its gonna happen... I'm sure he likes girls in Liverpool. They are all prettier than me. All girls are. Anyways.. Back to Jacob. Hes the most caring person in the world. I wish I was his. I want him to be mine... But hes not... :(
Hes always going to be my number one priority. I love him. So much. <3 But I don't know if he likes Josie... I think he may.. Jacob is the best thing that has happened to me. I wish he was right here. Like right now. Hes doing pills again. I want him to stay strong. I love him. <3 I want him to know that. I LOVE YOU JACOB!

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